Privacy policy

Privacy with GMPay

This Privacy Policy for personal information (the Privacy Police hereinafter) is working for all the information which the Provider may receive about Customers while using the GMPay service (the Service hereinafter), the website is located at (the Site hereinafter) and extends for all the Users of the service (the Users hereinafter).


1.1. The Privacy Policy establishes the obligations of the Provider on non-disclosure and protection of private personal data provided by the User when working with the Service.

1.2. The User entirely accepts the Privacy Policy with all its terms of personal data processing as soon as he starts using the Service.

1.3. Should the User disagree with these terms he must refrain from using the Service.

1.4. The Service collects and stores only the information which is necessary to provide the User with the Service (discharge of obligations, agreements and contracts with the User).


2.1. Under the terms of usage the Service receives the following data from the Users:

2.1.1. The data which the User provides on his own when signing up and working in the personal account at the Service site.

2.1.2. The data which is used to create invoices via the Service (mobile phone numbers).

2.1.3. The data which is transmitted automatically while sending the invoices via the Service (allows identifying the Payer).

2.1.4. The data which is used while concluding Contract of acquiring by Companies-clients of the Service (passport data of the authorized person).

2.2. The data defined in articles 2.1.1 – 2.1.3 of the Policy is absolutely anonymous and is used only for the purpose of providing the Service.

2.3. The Provider does not check the personal data of the User for validity.

2.4. At any point the User may change (update, add) the data, defined in 2.1.1 of the Policy. To do that the User has to log in at the Site and make all necessary changes in the Personal Account.


3.1. The Service uses the collected information in order to:

3.1.1. sign the User in at the Personal Account at the Service site;

3.1.2. log the User in at the Service site (when working in the Service web-app );

3.1.3. provide free consultancy and information support when preparing documents to sign the internet-acquiring agreement;

3.1.4. form and send invoices via the Service (additional data allowing to identify the Payer);

3.1.5. provide the User with the access to personal resources of the Personal account at the Service site;

3.1.6. get the feedback from the User including notifications, enquiries about using the Service;

3.1.7. notify the User on payments of invoices;

3.1.8. provide the User with efficient customer and technical support in case there is a problem while using the Service.


4.1. The Service undertakes all necessary measures to secure the User’s personal data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, changes, blockage, copying, spread and other illegal actions of third parties.

4.2. The personal data of the User remains absolutely confidential when performing the Service. The Provider follows the Federal Law of Russia “On personal data”.

4.3. The User is solely responsible for storing his login/ password in secret from third parties and timely change of his login/ password and/or applying to the Service helpdesk in case the password was lost or disclosed.

4.4. The Service is entitled to transfer the information from the User to third parties in the following cases:

4.4.1. The User has expressed consent for such actions;

4.4.2. The transfer is necessary for the User to work with the Service or the service is to be performed to the User;

4.4.3. The Russian or another applicable law makes provisions for such a transfer for a legislative procedure;

4.4.4. The transfer is done by an authorized body of Russian state power only under terms and in the order stated in the Russian legislation.


5.1. The Site authorities are entitled to make changes in the current Privacy Policy without the User’s consent. The new edition of the Privacy Policy comes into force immediately after being posted at the Service site.

5.2. Any suggestions and questions about the current Policy should be sent to (Service helpdesk).