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Send invoce to customer's smartphone and get payment in two clicks

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How it works

Creating an invoice in GMPay

Create invoices for goods/ services as you like.
The invoice is created within minutes in the web interface of GMPay service or in your working program.

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Sending the invoice to customer's smartphone

Send the customers sms-messages with a link to the invoice.
The invoice is sent automatically after being created avoiding any other actions.

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The customer receives the invoice

The customer is receiving the invoice by following the link in the sms-message.
Learning the invoice details, making a payment and transferring to the payment page.

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Instant invoice payment

The customer pays the received invoice.
The payment is carried out on the protected bank page using the bank card.

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Receiving confirmation of payment

Receive the confirmation for successful payments instantly.
Advice of payment is sent to your personal profile and in your working program where the invoice was created.

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GMPay - a tool for active sales and
ongoing work with customers

Increases sales

80% conversion of payments on invoices issued through the mobile payment service

Increases business efficiency

Additional sales channel using modern information technologies

Enhances customer loyalty

Presenting to customers a convenient and simple solution for paying for goods and services

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